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Tennessee Hills began with a passion for making quality liquor, founded on hard work and community—the rugged spirit. Stephen and Jessica Callahan opened the TN Hills Distillery after years of hard work in 2016. The Callahan’s graduated from college with degrees in Biology and Chemistry, but decided a 9 to 5 in a white lab coat was not the end goal. Stephen’s heart lied in crafting spirits.  After acquiring the historic Salt House, they got to work. Stephen and Jessica, along with help from their family, did everything from renovating the building, obtaining permits, and making stills. Even if it meant sleeping on the floor and eating ramen noodles, Stephen and Jessica refused to give up on their passion. No matter the obstacle, the Callahan’s kept taking steps forward. “We’re from Appalachia and we scrapped for every damn inch we got.” At TN Hills, we’re dedicated to quality products.


If something didn’t taste right, Stephen would dump barrels worth down the drain. Lemon Drop, our number one seller, is still the original recipe from Stephen’s bootlegging days, and yes, we use real lemons. With support from the Jonesborough community, the distillery’s following exploded. As Stephen and Jessica started having success, Scott and Daphene Andrew walked through their doors.This entrepreneurial duo immediately saw the potential in TN Hills. Having owned and operated nearly 50 businesses in their lifetime, Scott and Daphene are always looking for businesses to empower. They have learned that the key to success is being rugged, disrupting the marketplace with creativity and grit.We have now grown to include the TN Hills Brewstillery in Johnson City and our food truck the TN Whiskey Kitchen.  The Callahan’s and Andrew’s have formed an authentic and hardworking team dedicated to growing TN Hills into a national brand while planting its roots deep within the East Tennessee community.