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Tennessee Hills Distillery is the dream and vision of our founder, Stephen Callahan. The distillery is located in Jonesborough, Tennessee's oldest town, and housed in the very historic Salt House building which was constructed in the1840s and used to store salt during the Civil War era.

The building has gone through a very rigorous renovation process and provides the perfect venue for any tourist visiting Jonesborough. While at the distillery, visitors have the opportunity to witness every aspect of our liquor making process such as mashing/fermenting to the final distillation in our hand-made copper stills that were built by the fellas at Tennessee Hills Distillery, as well as our bottling and packaging processes. The facility also provides a tasting bar that will allow our customers and tourist to experience and purchase all of our Tennessee Hills products.

Our motto is “Embracing Heritage”, and we apply this idea into everything we do at Tennessee Hills Distillery, located in Tennessee’s oldest town. It is our belief, when it comes to making spirits, the “old way is the right way” and this is achieved by incorporating age-old recipes and distillation methods, handed down for hundreds of years, and carried to America by our Irish forefathers.

We use only the finest, locally grown, yellow dent corn and barley which is then stone ground in an antique mill. To ensure premium quality our spirits are produced in small batches and hand bottled in our “Salt House”, built in the 1840’s and used for salt storage during the Civil War.

We have a passion for distilling products authentic and unique to the Tennessee hills and we invite you to help us embrace our heritage by trying a sip of our time honored spirits today.